All CCM counselors have experience in providing several types of training whether at a church, community event, local business and with other non-profits and organizations. Below are some of the topics we frequently train on. Please reach out to us with a specific area of interest should it not be mentioned below.

Training topics:

Anger Management

Eating Disorders

Emotional Regulation

Dealing with Teen Anxiety

This training is ideal for parents and adults who are looking to come alongside their struggling teen and better understand how to effectively help and what common stressors look like for today’s teenage generation. This training will include covering topics such as defining anxiety, better understanding the stress teenagers face daily, learning an effective approach to coming alongside teenagers, as well as when and how to seek additional help.  

Healthy Relationships/Boundaries

Proactive Parenting & Technology

This training will be both educational and practical. You will walk away feeling better equipped to love and provide guidance to the children in your life! The main areas of focus will be:

  • how technology affects the brain and children's development

  • how to teach children and adolescents to use technology as a tool

  • how to take steps and use available resources to protect children and adolescents from the dangers and negative consequences of excessive or unsafe technology use

Trauma Related Training (also, available for Childhood/Adolescent Trauma)

Effects and Symptoms of Trauma
Impact of Family Systems with Trauma
Trauma Informed Intervention and Care
Trauma and the Worker (Compassion Fatigue)

Self-harm and Suicide
(warning signs, assessment, and walking alongside those struggling)


Stress Management/Coping Skills


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