What is Biblical (Christ-centered) Counseling?

Biblical Counseling uses a Christ-centered approach by using the Word of God to address various issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families. It does not view people simply as spiritual beings with spiritual problems, but the counselor sees the individual as a physical, emotional, cognitive, and relational being and will work in all areas to restore hope, transform hearts and rebuild healthy relationships in the community.

What are the qualifications of the counselors?

All CCM counselors are experienced and professionally trained with graduate level degrees in counseling. Each counselor has a clear sense that God has called and equipped them to minister His Word with compassion and competence to troubled and hurting people. Our counseling staff seeks to effectively communicate relevant Biblical truths in order to help clients respond to challenging life issues in God-honoring ways, with restored hope and transformed hearts.

Does CCM take insurance?

Some insurance companies will provide out-of-network reimbursement for counseling fees. Filling out-of-network claims is your responsibility. CCM does not accept any insurance plans. 

What are CCM's fees?

Standard Rate: 
90 minute intake session = $140
50 minute counseling session = $90

 Alternative Payment Options: 

1. Attendees of our church partners may receive financial assistance through church benevolence, please speak with your pastor about your need.

 2. A client who requires financial assistance may be eligible for our needs based assistance program. For those who qualify, an adjusted rate and number of sessions may be provided for counseling services. To determine eligibility please download our Financial Assistance Form

How long does counseling take?

90 minutes for assessments
50 minutes for individual and couple's sessions
50 minutes for family sessions
90-180 minutes for group sessions

What is the difference between a Support Group and a Restoration Group?

Support Groups are peer led groups that can meet anywhere from 10 - 12 weeks. The specific groups are made up of individuals processing through similar experiences and providing support for each other. These groups typically only require a cost to cover materials. 

Restoration Groups are led by Master Level Counselors and meet for 6 - 8 weeks. These groups are generally 1.5 hours; the first half of the group being psycho-educational and the second half working through application and processing. These groups will cost $40 per person, per meeting (with a couples discount if applicable).

What are CCM's hours of operation?

CCM's counselors are able to set appointments that fit their schedules seeing clients as early as 8am and as late as 8pm, however, our standard office hours are Monday - Friday, 9a-5p.